Stephan M Dammer

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The spreading of infectious diseases with and without immunization of individuals can be modeled by stochastic processes that exhibit a transition between an active phase of epidemic spreading and an absorbing phase, where the disease dies out. In nature, however, the transmitted pathogen may also mutate, weakening the effect of immunization. In order to(More)
Applying the theory of Yang-Lee zeros to nonequilibrium critical phenomena, we investigate the properties of a directed bond percolation process for a complex percolation parameter p. It is shown that for the Golden Ratio p = (1± √ 5)/2 and for p = 2 the survival probability of a cluster can be computed exactly. Directed percolation (DP) is an anisotropic(More)
Equilibrium systems which exhibit a phase transition can be studied by investigating the complex zeros of the partition function. This method, pioneered by Yang and Lee, has been widely used in equilibrium statistical physics. We show that an analogous treatment is possible for a nonequilibrium phase transition into an absorbing state. By investigating the(More)
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