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In this paper, we propose simple performance models to predict the impact of consolidation on the storage I/O performance of virtualized applications. We use a measurement-based approach based on tools such as blktrace and tshark for storage workload characterization in a commercial virtualized solution, namely VMware ESX server. Our approach allows a(More)
We propose a novel admission control policy for database queries. Our methodology uses system measurements of CPU utilization and query backlogs to determine interference between queries in execution on the same database server. Query interference may arise due to the concurrent access of hardware and software resources and can affect performance in(More)
We propose a linear regression method and a maximum likelihood technique for estimating the service demands of requests based on measurement of their response times instead of their CPU utilization. Our approach does not require server instrumentation or sampling, thus simplifying the pa-rameterization of performance models. The benefit of this approach is(More)
In recent years, a new generation of high repetition rate (~10 Hz), high power (~100 TW) laser systems has stimulated intense research on laser-driven sources for fast protons. Considering experimental instrumentation, this development requires online diagnostics for protons to be added to the established offline detection tools such as solid state track(More)
We propose simple models to predict the performance degradation of disk requests due to storage device contention in consolidated virtualized environments. Model parameters can be deduced from measurements obtained inside Virtual Machines (VMs) from a system where a single VM accesses a remote storage server. The parameterized model can then be used to(More)
Analytic performance models are being increasingly used to support system runtime optimization. This paper considers the modelling features needed to predict the response time behaviour of an industrial enterprise resource planning (ERP) application, SAP ERP. A number of studies have reported modelling success with the application of basic product-form(More)
Within the scope of the European research and education network project GEANT2, including a framework for performance measurements, the need for statistical analysis and interpretation of network performance metrics has to be satisfied. Following the IETF approach, a measurement system for metrics as one-way-delay (OWD), OWD-variation (OWDV) and packet loss(More)
We propose a trace-driven approach to predict the performance degradation of disk request response times due to storage device contention in consolidated virtualized environments. Our performance model evaluates a queueing network with fair share scheduling using trace-driven simulation. The model parameters can be deduced from measurements obtained inside(More)
We simultaneously trap ultracold lithium and cesium atoms in an optical dipole trap formed by the focus of a CO2 laser and study the exchange of thermal energy between the gases. The optically cooled cesium gas efficiently decreases the temperature of the lithium gas through sympathetic cooling. Equilibrium temperatures down to 25 microK have been reached.(More)
We report on new charge calibrations and linearity tests with high-dynamic range for eight different scintillating screens typically used for the detection of relativistic electrons from laser-plasma based acceleration schemes. The absolute charge calibration was done with picosecond electron bunches at the ELBE linear accelerator in Dresden. The lower(More)