Stephan Krämer

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An analysis has been conducted that characterizes the susceptibility to delamination of thermal barrier coated (TBC) hot-section aero-turbine components when penetrated by calcium-magnesium-alumino-silicate (CMAS). The assessment has been conducted on stationary components (especially shrouds) with relatively thick TBCs after removal from aero-engines. In(More)
In view of code verification of finite element implementations and for material parameter identification purposes it is of interest to make use of stress algorithms developed for three-dimensional finite element computations. In the case of homogeneous deformations various boundary-conditions for given displacements or stresses are possible and define a(More)
[This is a penultimate version. Please quote only from the published version. Abstract: The proper evaluation of a theory's virtues seems to require taking into account what the theory is indirectly or implicitly committed to, in addition to what it explicitly says. Most extant proposals for criteria of theory choice in the literature spell out the relevant(More)
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