Stephan Jantzen

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BACKGROUND The acute effects of physical activity on intestinal calcium (Ca) uptake and on bone metabolism are not known. AIM OF THE STUDY To investigate the consequences of an acute aerobic exercise bout on fractional Ca absorption and on biomarkers of bone turnover. METHODS With the use of a cross over design, eighteen male athletes, aged 25.2 (SE(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this article is to present the development, contents and efficacy of the FLIP&FLAP programme for children and adolescents with epilepsy, and their parents. INTERVENTION The programme is mainly directed at age-appropriately developed children and adolescents between 6 and 16 who take antiepileptic drugs. It is conducted as a(More)
The effect of physical activity on human calcium (Ca) metabolism is still not completely understood. Thus, we investigated fractional Ca absorption using a stable strontium test (Fc(240)), calciotropic hormones, and renal Ca excretion in 31 young men with a high activity level (GH) and in 26 age-matched sedentary control subjects (GL). Weekly hours spent on(More)
Zwecks eines offenen Bildgebungssystems sind bei unserer Konzeptvariante des 3D-Röntgenssystems ORBIT [5] die Röntgenquelle und der Röntgen-Flachbilddetektor voneinander losgelöst (Abb. 1). Aufbauend auf den Vorarbeiten die-ses ORBIT-Röntgenscanners ist das Ziel dieser Arbeit die Konzeptentwicklung einer Mechanik zur Bewegung eines(More)
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