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On a multivibrator that employs a fractional capacitor
The simple free running multivibrator built around a single fractional capacitor is examined in this letter. Equations for the oscillation frequency of the multivibrator are derived taking intoExpand
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A unified theory of spin 0 nuclear interactions
A Gauge Theory that contains the pion triplet as strong force quanta, a quantum theory of gravity and unifies the strong (nuclear) and gravitational interactions is proposed under a relaxation of theExpand
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Einstein's Principle of Relativity and Stellar Aberration
This paper examines the possibility of detecting a difference in the stellar aberration phenomenon when generated in different inertial frames, as a means of testing Einstein’s principle ofExpand
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GPS and the One-Way Speed of Light
The constancy of the speed of light in a vacuum is a fundamental idea in modern physics and is the basis of the standard of length in metrology since 1983. Its genesis is in the theory of specialExpand
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