Stephan J. J. Weis

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We describe a new approach for on-chip optical non-reciprocity which makes use of strong optomechanical interaction in microring resonators. By optically pumping the ring resonator in one direction, the optomechanical coupling is only enhanced in that direction, and consequently, the system exhibits a non-reciprocal response. For different configurations,(More)
Virtual Research Environments (VRE) sollen den Forschungsprozess durch Ansammlungen webbasierter Services unterstützen sowie ein plattform-und ortsunabhängiges wissenschaftliches Arbeiten-auch disziplinübergreifend-ermöglichen. Auf dem Markt finden sich bereits zahlreiche öffentlich zugäng-liche, teils kommerzielle, Angebote; noch mehr universitäre "(More)
We present the design and experimental comparison of femtogram L3-nanobeam photonic crystal cavities for optomechanical studies. Two symmetric nanobeams are created by placing three air slots in a silicon photonic crystal slab where three holes are removed. The nanobeams' mechanical frequencies are higher than 600 MHz with ultrasmall effective modal masses(More)
We present here an optomechanical system fabricated with novel stress management techniques that allow us to suspend an ultrathin defect-free silicon photonic-crystal membrane above a Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) substrate with a gap that is tunable to below 200 nm. Our devices are able to generate strong attractive and repulsive optical forces over a large(More)
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