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The Nematomorpha (horsehair worms) and Nematoda (round worms) are sister taxa (together Nematoida) and closely related to Scalidophora (Priapulida, Kinorhyncha, Loricifera). To date, all species were assumed to possess a specific brain type, i.e., the "cycloneuralian" brain that forms a ring-shaped neuropil around the pharynx and is composed of anteriorly(More)
Nematodes are a large and diverse monophyletic taxon with about 20,000 known species. They are part of the taxon Ecdysozoa, some of which possess a characteristic type of brain called the cycloneuralian brain. Because animals with a cycloneuralian brain likely are not a monophyletic group, it is important to describe and understand the structure of(More)
A generic character of the genus Spiophanes (Annelida, Sedentaria: Spionidae) is the presence of parapodial glandular organs. Parapodial glandular organs in Spiophanes species include secretory cells with cup-shaped microvilli, similar to those present in deep-sea inhabiting vestimentiferans and frenulate Siboglinidae. These cells are supposed to secrete(More)
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