Stephan Hagemann

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In practice the ability to find the right Web service decides between an evaluation and use of that service on the one hand and the functionality being implemented anew on the other. This paper evaluates existing public portals for Web service discovery with respect to their characteristics and their acceptance by developers. For this, we distinguish(More)
Current research work on the development of a nanohandling robot station for automated characterization of biological cells is presented. The station consists of a sample piezo scanning stage with three degrees of freedom (DoF) and a three-axes nanomanipulator that is equipped with a piezoresistive atomic force microscope (AFM) probe as an endeffector.(More)
Performance assessment studies in underground disposal of radioactive or toxic waste need to consider all reactive interactions between waste and its surroundings. Thermodynamic equilibrium and reaction path calculations represent an important tool for this purpose. The reliability of the results depends first of all on the quality of the thermodynamic(More)
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