Stephan Gudmundson

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In this paper, we consider the problems of large-scale systems, team development, and maintenance in the context of AspectJ[3] programming. To our knowledge, these topics have not been discussed in any detail in other studies. We propose a new kind of interface between aspects and base code, explain how it is used by aspects, and then discuss the expected(More)
~i paper describes the concept of acttii~ awareness, which enables workspace awareness without employing shared workspaces, and our tiework for supporting activi~ awareness. Activity awareness extends the concept of asynchronous workspace awareness to provide asynchronous progress notifications and collective perspectives on related activities. Our(More)
In this paper we describe the concept of activity awareness, which gives workers indications of what is happening and what has happened recently in collaborative activities. The key feature of activity awareness is the use of individual workspaces, as opposed to shared workspaces We introduce an activity representation that can be extracted from workers'(More)
Operating system structure is important – it leads to understandable, maintainable, ‘pluggable’ code. But despite our best efforts, some system elements have been difficult to structure. We propose a new analysis of this problem, and a new technology that can structure these elements. Primary functionality in system code has a well defined structure as(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES A photochemical treatment process (PCT) utilizing amotosalen and UVA light (INTERCEPT(™) Blood System) has been developed for inactivation of viruses, bacteria, parasites and leucocytes that can contaminate blood components intended for transfusion. The objective of this study was to further characterize the safety profile of(More)
In this paper, activity-based especially in th Kanagawa 259-O 1, Japan : we present a framework for providing perspectives of a document space, WWW. An activity-based perspective is a view of the subspace of the WWW document space that a knowledge worker should understand or modify while executing the activity. We designed the(More)
Extensible client-server software requires a clear separation of core services from those that are customizable. This separation is difficult, as these customizable features tend to crosscut the primary functionality of the core services. We believe that an aspect-oriented approach to client-server architectures supports extensibility in a way that is more(More)