Stephan Dutke

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On the basis of attention allocation models of time estimation, the role of working memory in prospective duration reproduction is explored. In four experiments, adult participants performed a counting task (duration, 400 sec) that allowed coordinative and sequential demands on working memory to be varied. After completing the counting task, the(More)
Anaphor resolution has been found to depend on the spatial distance between the reader's focus of attention and the location of the anaphor referent in a spatially organized situation model (spatial distance effect; Rinck & Bower, 1995). This effect implies that a) the situation model is spatially organized and b) spatial distance has a stronger effect on(More)
We investigated how the updating of spatial situation models during narrative comprehension depends on the interaction of cognitive abilities and text characteristics. Participants with low verbal and visuospatial abilities and participants with high abilities read narratives in which the protagonist's motions in a fictitious building were either highly(More)
The crossover effect (Mani & Johnson-Laird, 1982) predicts that a mental model is more likely to be available after reading a determinate description of a spatial scene than after reading an indeterminate description whereas the reverse should apply to the propositional text representation. Although attempts to replicate this pattern were less than(More)
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