Stephan Drab

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Shadows add a level of realism to a rendered image. Moreover, they are used as visual clues to determine spacial relationships and real-time shadows will gain importance in current real-time computer graphics applications for this reason. Twenty-five years ago, Crow published the shadow volume approach for determining shadowed regions of a scene. In this(More)
Mobile devices become smaller and more powerful with each generation distributed. Because of the tiny enclosures the interaction with such devices offers limited input capabilities. In contrast there are hardly any mobile phones purchasable that do not have a built-in camera. We developed a concept of an intuitive interaction technique using optical(More)
In recent years, mobile gaming has been believed to be the next hype after the great success of the short messaging service in Europe. Especially location based games (LBGs) were said to be the next breakthrough for mobile gaming, as those games exploit the location of the players during the game flow. Although those kinds of mobile games are able to offer(More)
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