Stephan Dill

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Theoretical considerations predicted the feasibility of K-edge x-ray computed tomography (CT) imaging using energy discriminating detectors with more than two energy bins. This technique enables material-specific imaging in CT, which in combination with high-Z element based contrast agents, opens up possibilities for new medical applications. In this paper,(More)
PURPOSE To investigate temporospatial variations of tumor and normal tissue during respiration in lung cancer patients. METHODS AND MATERIALS In 14 patients, gross tumor volume (GTV) and normal tissue structures were manually contoured on four-dimensional computed tomography (4D-CT) scans. Structures were evaluated for volume changes, centroid (center of(More)
The purpose of the present study was to identify kinetic responses to running on mediolaterally elevated (cross-sloped) running surfaces. Ground reaction forces (GRFs), GRF lever arms and joint moment characteristics of 19 male runners were analyzed when running at 3.5m/s on a custom-made, tiltable runway. Tilt angles of 3° and 6° for medial and lateral(More)
e17515 Background: We are reporting retrospective outcomes for patients using high dose 3D radiation therapy (RT). METHODS Between 4/2002 - 5/2007 51 patients were treated definitively, with mature outcome data at 6 years. Median follow-up for the cohort was 12.7 months (range 3.8-106.5), 77.9 months for 6 living patients. The cohort includes 28 males and(More)
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