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Large Scale Rollout of Smart Grid Services
A work in progress and the project's roadmap to solve the technical issues, which investigates the problems that arise from the interlocking of the two networks- the power grid and the communication network. Expand
Provisioning, deployment, and operation of smart grid applications on substation level
This paper presents a flexible and modular software ecosystem for automation devices of substations, which contains means for high performance data exchange and unification, automatic application provisioning and configuration functions, dependency management, and others. Expand
Memory Optimization of a Distributed Middleware for Smart Grid Applications
A new entity is introduced to allow for dynamically loading Smart Grid applications within one JVM, based on a distributed middleware, to reduce the memory footprint on the physical device. Expand
Java embedded storage for time series and meta data in Smart Grids
This work presents a Java-based embedded data store for edge-to-cloud storage optimized for Smart Grid time-series measurements that is superior to state of the art and off-the-shelf solutions in data retrieval time and needed storage size. Expand
A framework for communication and provisioning in an intelligent secondary substation
This work presents a smart grid use case dealing with the detection and handling of voltage band violations in low voltage networks deployed in secondary substation nodes. Expand
Interaction of smart grid applications supporting Plug & Automate for intelligent secondary substations
This work presents an approach for Smart Grid and Smart City applications and introduces applications developed for an Austrian Smart City project, show their interaction and present first results and field experiences. Expand
The advent of highly volatile components like buildings with PV, batteries, e-cars, and building energy management systems brings on the one hand new challenges in grid quality assurance to theExpand
Legal measures to aid profitability for energy communities and their participants
  • Stephan Cejka
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  • 1 May 2020
Energy communities, as recently introduced by the European Union’s ’Clean Energy for All Europeans Package’ need to be transformed into the national laws of the member states until Mid of 2021. ByExpand
Distribution grid topology validation and identification by graph-based load profile analysis
A Smart Grid application is presented, which validates a given CIM-represented grid topology on the basis of power profiles measured by grid monitoring devices, and proves useful functions on which further Smart Grid applications will build upon. Expand