Stephan C. West

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The Escherichia coli RuvC protein is an endonuclease that resolves Holliday junctions. In vitro, the protein shows efficient structure-specific binding of Holliday junctions, yet the rate of junction resolution is remarkably low. We have mapped the sites of cleavage on a synthetic junction through which a crossover can branch migrate through 26 bp and find(More)
The possibility that alexithymia respresents a symptom of subtle brain dysfunction is discussed. Several lines of research have shown that emotional thought, behavior and, in particular, the use of affect-laden speech are influenced by impaired function of the right hemisphere or a disconnection between the two hemispheres. A patient with agenesis of the(More)
A double-strand break in genomic DNA that remains unrepaired can be lethal for a cell. Indeed, the integrity of the genome is paramount for survival. It is therefore surprising that some cells deliberately introduce double-strand breaks at certain times during their life cycle. Why might they do this? What are the benefits? How are these breaks repaired?(More)
; Blm Cin/ϩ mice were evaluated for loss of het-erozygosity (LOH) at the Apc locus, a feature typical of Apc Min/ϩ adenomas (24, 25). Five adenomas from Apc Min/ϩ ;Blm ϩ/ϩ mice and 20 adenomas from Apc Min/ϩ ; Blm Cin/ϩ mice were analyzed (Fig. 2C). The mean ratio of the Apc ϩ to the Apc Min allele in tumors from Apc Min/ϩ ; Blm Cin/ϩ mice was not different(More)
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