Stephan Besnard

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The scientific objectives was to quantify the vascular changes in the brain, eye fundus, renal parenchyma, and splanchnic network. Heart, portal, jugular, femoral veins were investigate by Echography. The cerebral mesenteric, renal and ophthalmic arteries were investigated by Doppler. Eye fundus vein an papilla were investigated by optical video eye fundus.(More)
The main transplantation strategy in Parkinson's disease has been to place dopaminergic grafts not in their ontogenic site, the substantia nigra, but in their target area, the striatum with contrasting results. Here we have used green fluorescent protein transgenic mouse embryos as donors of ventral mesencephalic cells for transplantation into the(More)
We assessed the use of air as a sonographic contrast agent in the investigation of tubal patency by sonohysterography. We examined 115 women assessed for infertility. After saline sonohysterography, small amounts of air were insufflated, and the tubal passage of bubbles was monitored. In five patients (excluded from the results), cervical stenosis prevented(More)
The present paper exposes algorithmic results providing a vision about sleep functions which complements biological theory and experiments. Derived from the algorithmic theory of information, the theory of adaptation aims at quantifying how an inherited or acquired piece of knowledge helps individuals to survive. It gives a scale of complexity for survival(More)
Destruction of the inner ear in rats for medical research has been performed since 1936. Nevertheless, descriptions of the technique used and clinical analysis are poor and often involve coagulation of the stapedial artery. We suggest a description of a surgical ventrolateral approach to labyrinthectomy in rats, with preservation of the stapedial artery.(More)
Mastocytosis is a clonal haematological disease characterized by uncontrolled proliferation and the activation of mast cells. The value of FDG-PET/CT (FDG-PET) in mastocytosis has yet to be determined. We retrospectively identified patients with an established diagnosis of systemic mastocytosis (SM), according to the WHO criteria, who underwent PET using(More)
As human will stay for long duration in isolated sites like ISS there will be a need to perform quick and reliable diagnosis to evaluate the gravity of the pathology in presence of clinical symptoms. Many pathological situations (abnormal heart rate, pericardic collection, mitral prolaps, cholecystis, renal lithiasis, normal and ectopic pregnancies, ovarian(More)
UNLABELLED Check if the stimulation of the leg muscles and neuro-sensorial system during stand test influence the cardiovascular response to stand test pre and post a 7 d HDT (4 subjects). METHODS After 20 min supine, the subject stood for 10 min, and closed the eyes for 1 min. Then he stayed 2 min stand up on ant-posterior or lateral unstable platform(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the cardiac, arterial and venous effect of a venotonic drug (Cirkan "Ck") administrated orally daily to 6 subjects in HDT position during 5 days. These subjects underwent a second 5d HDT without Ck treatment one month later. Pre and post HDT the subjects were submitted to a stand test. METHOD The cardiovascular parameters were(More)
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