Stephan Bauer

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The increasing functional integrity of the organism during fetal maturation is connected with increasing complex internal coordination. We hypothesize that time scales of complexity and dynamics of heart rate patterns reflect the increasing inter-dependencies within the fetal organism during its prenatal development. We investigated multi-scale complexity,(More)
Development of the fetal autonomic nervous system's integrative capacity in relation to gestational age and emerging behavioral pattern is reflected in fetal heart rate patterns. Conventional indices of vagal and sympathetic rhythms cannot sufficiently reflect their complex interrelationship. Universal behavioral indices of developing complex systems may(More)
Propagation of electrical excitation in the rabbit heart was computed using a simple realistic ionic model. Ex-citation was initiated by two different stimulation protocols. The simulations were compared to surface electro-grams obtained from autonomously beating rabbit hearts in Langendorff perfusion. Additionally the influence of a gap junction blocking(More)
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