Stephan Aschenbrenner

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The vocal control nucleus HVC (nucleus hyperstriatalis ventrale, pars caudale) of the canary (Serinus canaria) is a model in which to study the relationship between anatomical plasticity and vocal developmental learning. Much of the structural plasticity of the HVC is sensitive to the action of androgenic and oestrogenic gonadal hormones that affect the(More)
It has been reported that left-handed subjects are better able to write in mirror-reversed script than right-handers (Tankle & Heilman, 1983). Vaid and Stiles Davis (1989) conducted studies which led them to contradict the supposed superiority of left-handers in this area. In these studies, left as well as right-handed subjects were examined under normal-(More)
Many studies have been made of ancient Greek topography, some of the more recent ones based on modern techniques. However, most still ignore the subsurface dimension of coastal and other environments and hence fail to fully explain coastal and alluvial-colluvial processes, rates of change of geomorphology, and the effects of coastal change on humans. In(More)
Apoptosis occurs through a tightly regulated cascade of caspase activation. In the context of extrinsic apoptosis, caspase-8 is activated by dimerization inside a death receptor complex, cleaved by auto-proteolysis and subsequently released into the cytosol. This fully processed form of caspase-8 is thought to cleave its substrates BID and caspase-3. To(More)
The leech photoreceptor forms a unicellular epithelium: every cell surrounds an extracellular “vacuole” that is connected to the remaining extracellular space via narrow clefts containing pleated septate junctions. We analyzed the complete structural layout of all septa within the junctional complex in elastic brightfield stereo electron micrographs of(More)
BACKGROUND The CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing system has greatly facilitated and expanded our capacity to engineer mammalian genomes, including targeted gene knock-outs. However, the phenotyping of the knock-out effect requires a high DNA editing efficiency. RESULTS Here, we report a user-friendly strategy based on the extrinsic apoptosis pathway that allows(More)
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