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The Bacillus subtilis dCMP deaminase ComEB acts as a dynamic polar localization factor for ComGA within the competence machinery
The data reveal a highly dynamic role of ComGA during DNA uptake and an unusual role for ComEB as a mediator of polar localization, localizing by diffusion‐capture on an extremely rapid time scale and functioning as a moonlighting enzyme.
High cellular organization of pyoverdine biosynthesis in Pseudomonas aeruginosa: clustering of PvdA at the old cell pole.
The description of the intracellular distribution of these enzymes contributes to the understanding of the PVDI biosynthetic pathway.
Single molecule tracking reveals spatio-temporal dynamics of bacterial DNA repair centres
The findings reveal that DNA repair centres arise at all sites on the chromosome and that RecN, RecO and RecJ perform fast, enzyme-like functions during detection and procession of DNA double strand breaks, respectively.
Deciphering Protein Dynamics of the Siderophore Pyoverdine Pathway in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
It is shown that most of the proteins involved in the PVD pathway are homogeneously distributed throughout the bacterial cell, and the first diffusion coefficients ever determined in P. aeruginosa are determined.