Stephan Albrecht

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BACKGROUND Cysts of the ligamentum flavum are rare and unusual causes of spinal compression. METHODS We report our experience of four cases of ligamentum flavum cysts occurring in the lumbar spine and discuss some of the possible etiologies and pathophysiologic mechanisms according to the available literature. CONCLUSION This entity is clearly different(More)
The global trend of Future Internet related experimentally driven research has gained a strong momentum. In this context sustainability and the best use of developed infrastructures are highly critical. While many facilities have reached a level of maturity that allows them to be opened up to a wider use, mainly the academic sectors have been targeted. The(More)
Many students assume that the more caffeine you drink, the better your cognitive performance. Over-consumption of caffeine has many negative effects, so if there are no dose related cognitive benefits to large amounts of caffeine, then college students should limit their intake. This study looked at whether ingesting a medium dose (200 mg) versus a lower(More)
Pendleton) are proud to present results of their research. This bulletin contains a representative sample of the work in progress at these Centers. A collection of bulletins over a 3-year period will give a more complete assessment of the productivity and applicability of research and education. Changes in staffing, programming, and facilities at these(More)
Iatrogenic, isolated weakness or paralysis of the extensor hallucis longus muscle is a common complication in patients who have had a proximal tibial and fibular osteotomy. To investigate why this complication occurs, we dissected the deep peroneal nerve and neighboring structures, such as the tibia and fibula and the muscles of the leg, in twenty-nine(More)
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