Stephan A Kalwy

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The segregation of proteins to specific cellular membranes is recognized as a common phenomenon. In oligodendrocytes of the central nervous system, localization of certain proteins to select regions of the plasma membrane gives rise to the myelin membrane. Whilst the fundamental structure and composition of myelin is well understood, less is known of the(More)
Heat shock proteins are expressed in response to cellular stress and can protect cells from further stress and facilitate recovery. Heat shock protein 27 is of particular interest because it has been implicated in a range of protective roles including protein chaperoning, stabilising elements of the cytoskeleton and as an active inhibitor of apoptosis. In(More)
The compact myelin sheath represents one of the largest expanses of membrane-membrane contact in the body and, in the central nervous system, requires the myelin proteolipid protein (PLP) for assembly. To determine whether the molecular properties of PLP promote membrane adhesion and direct its subcellular localization in the absence of(More)
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