Stephan A. Eisler

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NOD1 is an intracellular pathogen recognition receptor that contributes to anti-bacterial innate immune responses, adaptive immunity and tissue homeostasis. NOD1-induced signaling relies on actin remodeling, however, the details of the connection of NOD1 and the actin cytoskeleton remained elusive. Here, we identified in a druggable-genome wide siRNA screen(More)
Before entering mitosis, the stacks of the Golgi cisternae are separated from each other, and inhibiting this process delays entry of mammalian cells into mitosis. Protein kinase D (PKD) is known to be involved in Golgi-to-cell surface transport by controlling the biogenesis of specific transport carriers. Here we show that depletion of PKD1 and PKD2(More)
Genetically encoded, FRET based biosensors have revolutionized cell signalling research in the past decade. They allow tracking dynamic activities of signalling molecules such as protein kinases, Rho GTPases or second messengers in real time on a subcellular level. This article gives an overview about design, components and employment of different types of(More)
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