Stepan P. Krasheninnikov

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Archaean komatiites (ultramafic lavas) result from melting under extreme conditions of the Earth's mantle. Their chemical compositions evoke very high eruption temperatures, up to 1,600 degrees Celsius, which suggests even higher temperatures in their mantle source. This message is clouded, however, by uncertainty about the water content in komatiite(More)
Kamchatka is one of the most active volcanic regions on the planet. Large explosive volcanic erup tions, in which the ash elevates up to 8–15 km above sea level, occur here every 1.5 years. Study of eruptions precursors in order to reduce a volcanic risk for the population is an urgent problem of Volcanology. The avail able precursor of strong explosive(More)
Initially, the Zoological Institute was separated from the Cabinet of Curiosities into the Zoological Museum along with the Botanical and Ethnographical Museums. On July 4, 1832, F.F. Brandt, the first Director of the Zoological Museum, reported to the Academy of Sciences on the opening of three exhibition halls. This date is accepted as the time of the(More)
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