Stepan Kuznetsov

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Gastrocnemius muscle biopsies of 10 healthy volunteers, aged 27 to 44 years, who were exposed to head-down tilt (-8 degrees) for 370 days, were examined. The test subjects were subdivided into two equal groups that were assigned exercises of different type and workload. This prolonged bed rest caused atrophic changes in skeletal myofibers and decrease of(More)
Morrill and Valent́ın in the paper “Computational coverage of TLG: Nonlinearity” considered an extension of the Lambek calculus enriched by a so-called “exponential” modality. This modality behaves in the “relevant” style, that is, it allows contraction and permutation, but not weakening. Morrill and Valent́ın stated an open problem whether this system is(More)
Morphological and phenotypical signs of cultured readaptation osteoblasts were studied after a short-term space mission. The ultrastructure and phenotype of human osteoblasts after Soyuz TMA-11 space flight (2007) were evaluated by scanning electron microscopy, laser confocal microscopy, and ELISA. The morphofunctional changes in cell cultures persisted(More)
The structure and functions of endothelial cells after space mission were studied by electron and laser confocal microscopy, image analysis, and MTT test. The endothelial cells changed signifi cantly (proliferative activity, size, contours, shape, distribution of mitochondria and microtubules) in comparison with controls on the Earth. These changes(More)
We studied the effect of cultured human fetal (8–12 weeks gestation) neural stem and progenitor cells on regeneration of rabbit cornea after alkaline burn. A single subconjunctival injection of cell culture suspension after burn injury significantly accelerated regeneration of the anterior and posterior epithelium in comparison with the control group.
We prove that any language without the empty word, generated by a conjunctive grammar in Greibach normal form, is generated by a grammar based on the Lambek calculus enriched with additive (“intersection” and “union”) connectives. 1 Conjunctive Grammars Let Σ be an arbitrary finite alphabet, Σ∗ is the set of all words, and Σ is the set of all non-empty(More)
Lambek calculus is a logical foundation of categorial grammar, a linguistic paradigm of grammar as logic and parsing as deduction. Pentus (2010) gave a polynomial-time algorithm for determining provability of bounded depth formulas in L∗, the Lambek calculus with empty antecedents allowed. Pentus’ algorithm is based on tabularisation of proof nets. Lambek(More)