Stepan Ivanov

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Wireless body area networks (WBAN) provide a tremendous opportunity for remote health monitoring. However, engineering WBAN health monitoring systems encounters a number of challenges including efficient WBAN monitoring information extraction, dynamically fine tuning the monitoring process to suit the quality of data, and to allow the translation of(More)
Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) in recent years have received significant attention, due to their potential for increasing efficiency in healthcare monitoring. Typical sensors used for WBAN are low powered single transceiver devices utilizing a single channel for transmission at the Medium Access Control (MAC) layer. However, performance of these devices(More)
This paper presents OPENi's Personal Cloudlets framework as a novel approach to enhancing users control and privacy over their data on a data driven, cloud-based platform. We introduce the EU FP7 funded project OPENi, the OPENi concept, and the research objectives that influenced the design and implementation of OPENi's Personal Cloudlet Framework. We(More)
The mechanism of channel allocation used in the Medium Access Control (MAC) sub-layer for wireless devices in IEEE 802.11 standard is through a single MAC channel. The drawback with the single channel solution is when the number of nodes increases, the throughput is also reduced. However, using multiple channels solves this problem and increases channel(More)
Technology now offers the possibility of delivering a vast range of low-cost people-centric services to citizens. Internet of Things (IoT) supporting technologies are becoming robust, viable and cheaper. Mobile phones are increasingly more powerful and disseminated. On the other hand, social networks and virtual worlds are experiencing an exploding(More)
The role of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) in agriculture has become prominent as part of the precision farming initiative. In the future, multiple WSN systems will be deployed on every farm. Accurate and timely analyses of the data collected by these systems will become paramount for increasing efficiency and sustainability of farming. Conventionally,(More)