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— The paper provides a description of an iterative version of the Accelerated A* algorithm for path planning and its application in the air traffic domain for airplanes with defined motion dynamics operating in the Earth-centered, Earth-fixed coordinate system (GPS) on a spherical model of the Earth constrained by the landscape and special use airspaces(More)
AgentFly is a software prototype providing a distributed architecture for large-scale NAS-wide simulation implemented as a multi-agent system. AgentFly is implemented on top of the Aglobe [1] platform which is both an implementation framework and a runtime engine for custom agents. It was selected over possible alternatives (e.g. JADE [2]) for its(More)
This paper exploits the computing power of widely available multi-core machines to accelerate the trajectory planning by parallelisation of the search algorithm. In particular we investigate the approach that schedules the workload on the cores using the hashing function based on the geographical partitioning of the search space. We use this approach to(More)
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