Sten Loecher

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After becoming part of the UML standard, OCL has been applied successfully in various domains. As a result, requirements to be met by future versions of OCL have evolved. A key requirement is to provide means for the formal integration of OCL and UML. Therefore, the latest proposal for a revised specification of OCL contains a metamodel defining the(More)
Business rules are often speci ed only implicitly by applications to express user-de ned constraints. OCL provides the chance to explicitly and automatically deal with business rules when building object-oriented applications. We investigate how OCL constraints can be handled in database applications as one of the most important kind of business(More)
The transaction concept enables the efficient development of concurrent and fault tolerant applications. Transaction services are therefore an essential part of modern component technologies, such as Enterprise JavaBeans, which are used to develop server-side business applications. The container, which is the execution environment of component-based(More)
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