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We investigated with PET the cerebral activation pattern elicited by the perceptual maze test (PMT), a neuropsychological test used to evaluate organic brain injury. The PMT examines visuospatial skill, general intelligence, visually guided motor planning, and the ability to obey rules. Eight right-handed volunteers were examined with PET using the tracer(More)
Seventeen Type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetic patients with a history of recurrent and severe hypoglycaemia and Type 1 diabetic patients with no severe hypoglycaemia were compared as regarded performances in tests of neuropsychological functioning. To test the hypothesis that recurrent severe hypoglycaemia gives rise to permanent cognitive impairment, the(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze sex differences among adult, never-treated patients referred for central stimulant treatment of ADHD. METHOD Data for 600 consecutive patients from northern Norway referred for evaluation by an expert team during 7 years were analyzed. General background information, diagnostic and social history, and symptom profiles were compared(More)
OBJECTIVE To relate the pattern of neuropsychological impairments among schizophrenic patients to case history data and disease characteristics in a cross-sectional study of unselected patients, and to integrate these data with two previous longitudinal studies of neuropsychological impairments among schizophrenic patients. METHOD One hundred consecutive(More)
BACKGROUND The objective was to identify separate cognitive domains in the standard assessment tools (MMSE, ADAS-Cog) and analyze the process of decline within domains during three years in Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients with donepezil treatment. METHOD AD patients (n = 421) were recruited from a clinical multi-centre study program in Sweden. Patients(More)
The effects of single oral doses of three antihistamine compounds on histamine-induced itch and flare reactions were studied in 24 healthy volunteers by a double-blind balanced design. Central sedative effects were concurrently analyzed using a set of computerized neuropsychological tests and analogue ratings. Hydroxyzine 20 mg had a more pronounced(More)
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has long been recognized in children, and for many the disorder persists into adulthood. There is a growing concern that the adults with ADHD who have the least favorable outcome, are among those who end up in prison. The aim of this study was to assess childhood ADHD and its persistence into adulthood among a(More)
Second generation antihistamines are recognised as being highly effective treatments for allergy-based disease and are among the most frequently prescribed and safest drugs in the world. However, consideration of the therapeutic index or the benefit/risk ratio of the H1 receptor antagonists is of paramount importance when prescribing this class of compounds(More)
Skill, strategy, and laterality measures obtained through computerized neuropsychological tasks, a reaction time (RT) test, and a visuospatial problem-solving test, the Perceptual Maze Test, were analyzed in relation to sex and handedness of 56 high-school students. Boys were significantly faster than girls on most RT subtasks (including a(More)
Smooth pursuit eye movements (SPEM) and neuropsychological performance were examined in a sample of 29 drug-treated schizophrenic patients and 22 healthy controls. Patients had impairment in SPEM as well as in a wide range of neuropsychological tests (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Wisconsin Card Sorting Test. Finger Tapping, Reaction time, Selective(More)