Sten Hagberg

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OBJECTIVES To extend our knowledge of how exposure to neurotoxic substances during working life affects cognitive functioning in the long term. Does long term occupational exposure to organic solvents lead to aggravated cognitive impairment later in life? METHODS A follow up was conducted of floor layers exposed to solvents and their unexposed referents(More)
The aim of the study was to investigate whether measurement of nitric oxide in exhaled air could be used for assessing the effects of irritants on the respiratory system, in this case recurrent ozone gassing in an occupational setting. The study population comprised bleachery workers (n=56) from a Swedish pulpmill carrying out ozone-based pulp bleaching(More)
We wanted to assess the quantitative importance of asbestos as a cause of lung cancer. In a case-referent study, the exposure to asbestos, tobacco smoke and some other occupational exposures were compared between 147 cases of lung cancer (100 men, 47 women), 111 hospital referents, and 109 population referents, all below the age of 75 yrs and living in an(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate whether workers in Swedish sulfate mills have an increased risk of death from certain malignancies that have previously been linked to the pulping process. METHODS Subjects of the study (n=2480) were men aged 40-75 at death during 1960-89 in the parishes surrounding four sulfate mills. Exposure assessment was based on information(More)
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