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The effect of intranasal, synthetic LH-RH (Hoe 471) on undescended testes was investigated in: I. a double blind study comprising 50 patients given either placebo or 0.6 mg LH-RH daily and II. an open study comprising 50 patients with a daily dosage of 1.2 mg LH-RH. In both studies LH-RH was given for 4 weeks. Since some patients had bilateral undescended(More)
The effects of hormonal treatment (LH-RH, LH-RH plus hCG) on undescended testis were studied on 42 testicles in 37 boys under 3 years of age. Descensus was achieved primarily in 40% but eight testicles reascended. A new course of hCG resulted in descensus in three cases. Altogether, therefore, full descensus could be achieved in 29% of cases with hormonal(More)
This report reviews 16 years' experience in the management of patients with esophageal atresia (EA) and tracheoesophageal fistula (TEF), with special emphasis on long-term results and early complications in relation to the magnitude of the gap between the esophageal segments. In 94 infants with no or moderate distance between the esophageal ends (less than(More)
From 1969 to 1982, 15 cases of long-gap esophageal atresia were treated. Twelve patients could be managed by direct end-to-end anastomosis - ten primary and two delayed. Anastomotic leakage was noted in all patients, causing anastomotic obstruction in nine, which had to be treated with repeated esophageal dilatations. In one patient the esophageal(More)
In a case-control study asbestos exposure in 64 consecutive men with idiopathic pleural effusion and 129 randomly sampled age matched male controls was compared. Furthermore, seven women and 64 men with idiopathic pleural effusion were studied, including a three year re-examination, in an attempt to identify characteristics that might distinguish asbestos(More)