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A HOL Basis for Reasoning about Functional Programs
This thesis presents a formalization of domain theory in the Higher Order Logic (HOL) theorem proving system along with a mechanization of proof functions and other tools to support reasoning about the denotations of functional programs.
Translating Specifications in VDM-SL to PVS
This paper presents a method for translating a subset of VDM-SL to higher order logic, more specifically the PVS specification language, and has been used in an experiment where three existing, relatively large specifications were taken, hand-translated to PVS and then tried to type check the results.
Experiments with ZF Set Theory in HOL and Isabelle
This paper compares the representation and use of ZF set theory within both HOL and Isabelle and provides a comparison of the proof infrastructure of HOL and Izzyle.
Formal specification and validation at work: a case study using VDM-SL
A case study based on a typical example from the terrestrial transportation domain, the door management system of a metro, focuses on the suitability of the VDM technology for the early software development phases before detailed design, when requirements may be unstable and customer feedback is essential.
Modeling and Validating SAFER in VDM � SL �
This paper shows how testing based validation can be applied to the SAFER example used throughout and suggests that a less rigorous approach using validation by testing is a complement to formal methods.
The IFAD VDM Tools: Lightweight Formal Methods
The services and tools supporting the ISO Standard VDM-SL notation and its object-oriented extension VDM++ are commonly known as the VDM Technology. For both notations the company IFAD provides
A Lightweight Approach to Formal Methods
The view on lightweight formal methods is presented as a strategy for successful formal methods technology transfer to industry, demonstrating more clearly the cost-effectiveness of formal methods.
Towards an Integrated CASE and Theorem Proving Tool for VDM-SL
This paper presents a prototype integrated CASE/TP tool which combines the benefits of a general-purpose theorem prover called Isabelle with those of a commercial CASE tool for the VDM-SL formal specification language-the IFAD V DM-SL Toolbox.
LCF Examples in HOL
A number of examples are used to demonstrate that an extension of HOL with domain theory combines the benefits of both systems and show how mixing domain and set theoretic reasoning eases reasoning about finite LCF types and strict functions.
Mechanizing Program Verification in HOL
  • Sten Agerholm
  • Computer Science
    ., International Workshop on the HOL Theorem…
  • 28 August 1991
A formalization of the weakest precondition semantics of a small programming language, a verification condition generator for total correctness specafications, and a number of simplification tools for proving subparts of verification conditions, automatically are described.