Stella Seitz

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  • Dan Coe, Keiichi Umetsu, Adi Zitrin, Megan Donahue, Elinor Medezinski, Marc Postman +12 others
  • 2012
We precisely constrain the inner mass profile of A2261 (z = 0.225) for the first time and determine that this cluster is not " overconcentrated " as found previously, implying a formation time in agreement with ΛCDM expectations. These results are based on multiple strong-lensing analyses of new 16-band Hubble Space Telescope imaging obtained as part of the(More)
Accepted —-. Received —-; in original form —-. ABSTRACT We present an analysis of a general machine learning technique called 'stacking' for the estimation of photometric redshifts. Stacking techniques can feed the photometric redshift estimate, as output by a base algorithm, back into the same algorithm as an additional input feature in a subsequent(More)
We introduce an ordinal classification algorithm for photometric redshift estimation, which significantly improves the reconstruction of photometric redshift probability density functions (PDFs) for individual galaxies and galaxy samples. As a use case we apply our method to CFHTLS galaxies. The ordinal classification algorithm treats distinct redshift bins(More)
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