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BACKGROUND The specific role of LH in folliculogenesis and oocyte maturation is unclear. GnRH antagonists, when administered in the late follicular phase, induce a sharp decrease in serum LH which may be detrimental for IVF outcome. This study was performed to evaluate whether the replacement of GnRH agonist (triptorelin) by a GnRH antagonist (ganirelix; NV(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine vertical transmission rates of Cytomegalovirus, Toxoplasma Gondii and Rubella infections according to amniotic fluid PCR analysis. METHODS A retrospective analysis of mid-trimester amniocenteses performed in in pregnancies with diagnosed maternal infection by Cytomegavirus (CMV), Rubella or Toxoplasma gondii during 1994-2008 was(More)
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