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This study is based on a sample of 332 Argentinean teenagers in their last year of secondary school. In the context of the relational theory of motivation, an attempt is made to determine the motivational categories best predicting Future Time Perspective (FTP) extension. The influence of the sex, locus of control, social class, and school ethos variables(More)
Epinephrine and Norepinephrine, typically released during stress bind to nine different adrenoceptors (AR) which classically control the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. New targets were described for the many agonists and antagonists developed for these AR, as the central nervous system. During the last three decades, AR expression and action on the(More)
Adrenergic compounds (epinephrine and norepinephrine) are the most important hormones released during stress. Several different receptors are associated with their action in different tissues. However, alpha(2)-adrenoceptors have not yet been described in either normal or tumour human breast tissue. The aim of this work was to describe and characterize(More)
Human breast cancer primary cultures are useful tools for the study of several aspects of cancer biology, including the effects of chemotherapy and acute gene expression in response to different hormonal/chemotherapy treatments. The present study reports the conditions for primary culture of breast cancer samples from untreated patients and the most(More)
(-)Epinephrine (Epi) and (-)Norepinephrine (NEpi) significantly stimulated tritiated Thymidine incorporation in MCF-7 cells at concentrations 10-30pM to 10nM, with an EC50 of 10pM for Epi and 14.2pM for NEpi. To characterize this action, cells were incubated in the presence of NEpi or Epi and different antagonists. The beta-adrenergic antagonist Propanolol(More)
OBJECTIVE AND DESIGN Gross cystic disease (GCD) of the breast is reported to occur in 7% of women in the developed world and, although not premalignant, is thought to be associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. Hormone and growth factor concentration levels were measured in breast cyst fluid (BCF) to correlate them with their mitogenic activity(More)
Scatchard analysis of prolactin binding sites (PRL-BS) from ejaculated spermatozoa showed a single population of binding sites (apparent association constant: 2.51+/-0.186 nmol/l[-1]) with 0.317+/-0.0743 fmol/10(6) sperm binding sites. Different pools of spermatozoa were incubated with increasing concentrations of several hormones. There was a decrease in(More)
Repeated isolation stress and prazosin effect were evaluated in 7,12-dimetylbenz[A]anthracene (DMBA) mammary tumors. Tumor volume was significantly lower in stressed than in control animals from 10 to 52 days considering day 1 the moment when tumors became palpable and treatment began. Control Prazosin (0.5 mg/kg) rats showed diminished tumor volume after(More)
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