Stella Maris Solís

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Floral nectaries are a widespread trait in the Sapindaceae. However, until now only a few data on nectaries and their evolutionary shifts are available for most taxa. This research focuses on the anatomy and development of floral nectaries in two endemic species, Cardiospermum heringeri and C. integerrimum. The nectary consists of two horn-like lobes,(More)
We investigated the morphology and structure of the floral nectary in 11 Neotropical genera belonging to the subfamilies Dodonaeoideae and Paullinioideae (Sapindaceae) from southern South America representing three tribes (Dodonaeaeae, Paullinieae, and Melicocceae), in relation to other floral traits in species with contrasting morphological flower(More)
The name Isoetes pedersenii H.P. Fuchs (Lycophyta), a species known only from the Mburucuyá National Park, Corrientes, Argentina, is validated. Observations were carried out on herbarium material with stereoscopic, light and scanning electron microscopes. The species is described and typified. A diagnosis and discussion about its distribution and its(More)
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