Stella Cascioferro

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A FRET-based random screening assay was used to generate hit compounds as sortase A inhibitors that allowed us to identify ethyl 3-oxo-2-(2-phenylhydrazinylidene)butanoate as an example of a new class of sortase A inhibitors. Other analogues were generated by changing the ethoxycarbonyl function for a carboxy, cyano or amide group, or introducing(More)
The emergence of antibiotic resistance is currently considered one of the most important global health problem. The continuous onset of multidrug-resistant Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacterial strains limits the clinical efficacy of most of the marketed antibiotics. Therefore, there is an urgent need for new antibiotics. Pyrrolomycins are a class of(More)
In the struggle against the emergence of the antibiotic resistance, new molecules targeting biofilm formation could be useful as adjuvant of conventional antibiotics. This study focused on a new class of 2-phenylhydrazinylidene derivatives as antivirulence agents. The compound 12e showed interesting activities against biofilm formation of all tested(More)
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