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Academic advising is a collaborative process between student and adviser, leading to the exchange of information that encourages the individual student to make responsible academic and career decisions. In this research, we present the analysis of the existing system in Nigerian Universities in the three geo-political regions, namely: South-South, SouthEast(More)
The world of today has undergone a technological revolution that has drastically transformed society. The world is now accessible to every age group. One common application of modern computing among the younger generation is computer games. Although there are some advantages, many researchers have shown that they may be somewhat harmful to the growth and(More)
The inefficiencies of current spam filters against fraudulent (419) mails is not unrelated to the use by spammers of good-word attacks, topic drifts, parasitic spamming, wrong categorization and recategorization of electronic mails by e-mail clients and of course the fuzzy factors of greed and gullibility on the part of the recipients who responds to(More)
Attempt to achieve multicast reliability in adhoc networks is usually foiled during tree/mesh reconfiguration - a frequent repair activity. This has impaired the quality of packets delivered during transmission via a protocol that requires partial/complete knowledge of the group location. Bimodal multicast employed gossip techniques, and we extended this(More)
Two major generalized methods for solving the multi-peg tower of Hanoi problem are considered. These are the dynamic approach of the multi-peg problem as noted in Majumdar [8], and generalized recursive optimal solution for the multi-peg tower of Hanoi by Ikpotokin et al. [3]. It is also shown that the DP approach will utilize more storage space, more(More)