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We investigate new routing and wavelength assignment algorithms considering as constraints physical impairments that arise in transparent networks. Accounting both linear and nonlinear impairments we propose a scheme that integrates the routing and wavelength assignment to achieve an optimal combination of physical and networking performance. Through(More)
The traffic carried by core optical networks grows at a steady but remarkable pace of 30-40% year-over-year. Optical transmissions and networking advancements continue to satisfy the traffic requirements by delivering the content over the network infrastructure in a cost and energy efficient manner. Such core optical networks serve the information traffic(More)
We demonstrate the applicability of quantum-dot semiconductor-optical-amplifier based wavelength converters to the implementation of an ultra-high speed optical packet switching buffer. The buffer architecture consists of cascaded programmable delay stages that fully utilize the available wavelengths and thus minimize the number of wavelength converters(More)
This paper provides a high-level overview of network planning and operation processes for lightpath computation in WDM networks. Lightpath demands occur dynamically and the lightpaths are constrained by physical effects. We classify different approaches to connection setup and describe algorithms suitable for this purpose. 1 Introduction We provide a(More)
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