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Professional organisations are beginning to see the potential offered by Web 2.0 techniques and social networks to improve communication and collaboration with user communities. This leads to a need to consider how the closer interaction with communities influences the knowledge management in organisations, and how organisational interaction will affect the(More)
In this study, an investigation was conducted into the extent to which ergonomic requirements for work on computers are met in Greek office workstations. The ergo-nomic requirements considered were those included in Council Directive 90/270/EEC (1990) of the European Union and the ISO 9241 (1997) standard. 593 office workstations were assessed using an(More)
Many US FDA-approved drugs have been developed through productive interactions between the biotechnology industry and academia. Technological breakthroughs in genomics, in particular large-scale sequencing of human genomes, is creating new opportunities to understand the biology of disease and to identify high-value targets relevant to a broad range of(More)
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