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Jericho: Achieving scalability through optimal data placement on multicore systems
Achieving high I/O throughput on modern servers presents significant challenges. With increasing core counts, server memory architectures become less uniform, both in terms of latency as well asExpand
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Vanguard: Increasing Server Efficiency via Workload Isolation in the Storage I/O Path
Server consolidation via virtualization is an essential technique for improving infrastructure cost in modern datacenters. From the viewpoint of datacenter operators, consolidation offers compellingExpand
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VineTalk: Simplifying software access and sharing of FPGAs in datacenters
FPGA-based accelerators are becoming first class citizens in data centers. Adding FPGAs in data centers can lead to higher compute densities with improved energy efficiency for latency criticalExpand
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GPU Provisioning: The 80 - 20 80 - 20 Rule
The use of accelerators, such as GPUs and FPGAs, in datacenters has been increasing in an effort to improve response time for user-facing tasks. Although accelerators offer performance improvementsExpand
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KVFS: An HDFS Library over NoSQL Databases
Recently, NoSQL stores, such as HBase, have gained acceptance and popularity due to their ability to scale-out and perform queries over large amounts of data. NoSQL stores typically arrange data inExpand
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The VINEYARD integrated framework for hardware accelerators in the cloud
Emerging cloud applications like machine learning, AI and big data analytics required high performance computing systems that can sustain the increased amount of data processing without consumingExpand