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The effective separation of X- and Y-bearing chromosome spermatozoa has been a topic of major attraction to a number of scientific disciplines. Approaches have typically been based upon either the kinetic or the physical characteristics of spermatozoa. Much of the information available to date has either suggested conflicting evidence between different(More)
This study was designed to assess the viability and fecundity of semen stored at 5 degrees C for 24 hours using the Bio-Tranz shipping system. Semen specimens were assessed for motility and sperm membrane integrity at the time of collection and 24 hours after storage in the Bio-Tranz. In group 1 (n = 61), specimens were diluted in TYB, processed and used(More)
Campaign promises and campaign spending are modelled as integral parts of a signaling mechanism that transmits information about candidates’ abilities and proposed policies to the voters. We suggest that viewing promises and spending as inseparable parts of the same mechanism is essential in moving towards providing a microfoundation framework of political(More)
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