Stelios H. Zanakis

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research interests center on the use of virtual worlds technologies to enhance group-based learning. (Euridis) in rotterdam, the Nether-lands. he has also been a Wharton research Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. Previously, he was associate Professor of Information Systems at the University of texas at austin, and earlier served as a research(More)
This paper examines the influence and direction of social and economic determinants of the HIV/AIDS global epidemic across nations and assesses each country's efficiency in battling the pandemic. The initial dataset consisted of 151 countries with five dependent variables and 90 explanatory variables (reduced to 50 after extensive exploratory data analysis(More)
This paper presents an application of knowledge discovery via rough sets to a real life case study of global investing risk in 52 countries using 27 indicator variables. The aim is explanation of the classification of the countries according to financial risks assessed by Wall Street Journal international experts and knowledge discovery from data via(More)