Stelios Gorilas

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For electronic government initiatives to succeed, in addition to modernising the front office, attention should be also paid in order to streamline, reorganise and support the back-office processes of public administrations that provide public services to citizens. Furthermore, actions should be taken to limit the loss of critical knowledge assets during(More)
In this paper the European Cities Platform for Online Transaction Services (EURO-CITI) project is presented. The EURO-CITI project aims to specify, develop and demonstrate a common architecture and related services targeting the public sector. The proposed services include tele-voting, electronic submission of forms and tele-consulting. Tele-voting will be(More)
Public transaction services (such as e-forms) although perceived the future of e-government have not yet realised their full potential. E-forms have a significant role in e-government, as they are the basis for implementing most of the twenty public services that all member states have to provide to their citizens and businesses. The aim of the SmartGov(More)
E-forms have a central role in a significant number of e-government services. This paper presents a knowledge-based technical platform aiming to assist public sector employees to generate online transaction services by simplifying their development, maintenance and integration with installed IT systems. At the heart of this platform lies the knowledge and(More)
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