Stelios Andreadis

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Expression of multiple genes from the same target cell is required in several technological and therapeutic applications such as quantitative measurements of promoter activity or in vivo tracking of stem cells. In spite of such need, reaching independent and high-level dual-gene expression cannot be reliably accomplished by current gene transfer vehicles.(More)
AIMS We hypothesized that hair-follicle stem cells can differentiate toward smooth contractile muscle cells, providing an autologous cell source for cardiovascular tissue regeneration. METHODS AND RESULTS Smooth muscle progenitor cells (SMPCs) were obtained from ovine hair follicles using a tissue-specific promoter and fluorescence-activated cell sorting.(More)
Alternative RNA splicing (AS) regulates proteome diversity, including isoform-specific expression of several pluripotency genes. Here, we integrated global gene expression and proteomic analyses and identified a molecular signature suggesting a central role for AS in maintaining human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC) self-renewal. We demonstrate that the(More)
Keratinocyte growth factor (KGF) is a paracrine mediator of epithelial cell growth. To examine the direct effects of KGF on the morphogenesis of the epidermis, we generated skin equivalents in vitro by seeding human keratinocytes on the papillary surface of acellular dermis and raising them up to the air-liquid interface. KGF was either added exogenously or(More)
c-Jun N-terminal Kinase (JNK) is a family of protein kinases, which are activated by stress stimuli such as inflammation, heat stress and osmotic stress, and regulate diverse cellular processes including proliferation, survival and apoptosis. In this review, we focus on a recently discovered function of JNK as a regulator of intercellular adhesion. We(More)
Current clinical therapies for critical-sized bone defects (CSBDs) remain far from ideal. Previous studies have demonstrated that engineering bone tissue using mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) is feasible. However, this approach is not effective for CSBDs due to inadequate vascularization. In our previous study, we have developed an injectable and porous nano(More)
We demonstrate that c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) responds to substrate stiffness and regulates adherens junction (AJ) formation in epithelial cells in 2D cultures and in 3D tissues in vitro and in vivo. Rigid substrates led to JNK activation and AJ disassembly, whereas soft matrices suppressed JNK activity leading to AJ formation. Expression of(More)
The fields of Digital Humanities and Digital Preservation are not yet enjoying the full potential of the Semantic Web and relevant technologies, largely due to the highly contextualized nature of their source materials. This paper addresses the issue of representing context and use-context (i.e. context of use) of digital content, by proposing an(More)
With the ever-growing prevalence of dementia, nursing costs are increasing , while the ability to live independently vanishes. Dem@Home is an ambient assisted living framework to support independent living while receiving intelligent clinical care. Dem@Home integrates a variety of ambient and wearable sensors together with sophisticated, interdisciplinary(More)