Stela Stefanova

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It is shown, that bacteria of the strain Gluconobacter suboxydans entrapped in a polyacrylamide gel are capable to convert D-sorbitol to L-sorbose with a sufficiently high reaction rate. The kinetics of the studied process remains the same as it has been found for the case of free cells. Both semicontinuous and continuous patterns are accomplished.
The effects of pressure on the crushing strength of UAS pellets, produced by a laboratory pressing machine were investigated. Physico-chemical properties of UAS pellets were studied by Electron Microscope (EMS), X-ray, Infra-Red Derivatography with a view to identifying the reasons for improvement in physico-mechanical properties. It was proved that there(More)
In this paper a time domain recursive digital filter model, based on recurrent neural network is proposed. This problem can be considered as a training procedure of two layer recurrent neural network. The proposed neural network training algorithm is based on determination of the sensitivity coefficients of the recurrent system. The dynamic model of two(More)
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