Steinthor Bjarnason

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An anesthetized domestic swine model was used to compare the efficacy and cross-contamination potential of selected skin decontaminant products and regimens against the chemical warfare agent, VX. Animals topically exposed to 2x, 3x or 5x LD(50) VX showed typical signs of organophosphate nerve agent poisoning, including miosis, salivation, mastication,(More)
Healthy young adult (300 g) Sprague-Dawley rats were exposed for 1-day or 5-day periods, nose only, to purified air (CA) or four different pollutant atmospheres. Pollutant atmospheres included (a) 0.2 ppm ozone; (b) 0.4 ppm O3; (c) a low concentration mixture of ozone and sulfuric acid-coated carbon particles (0.2 ppm, 100 microg/m(3) and 50 microg/m(3),(More)
Autonomic Systems is a well known concept, first described by IBM in 2001. Yet, real deployed autonomic functionality is rare and where autonomic functions exist, they are typically standalone, not interworking with other autonomic functions. As of today, there is no significant commercial deployment of a generic, extensible autonomic networking(More)
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