Steinar Brede

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Intensive care patients develop altered patterns of behaviour for a variety of reasons. However, the drug therapy instituted to ameliorate these psychoreactive problems may give rise to complications such as the central anticholinergic syndrome. Cholinergic receptors are scattered at random throughout the central nervous system. The depression of(More)
This paper presents the Nidaros framework for developing location-aware applications that provide location dependent functionality based on the current location of the user. The framework can be used to develop location-dependent advertisement, city guides, guides for tourist attractions, etc. The framework consists of three main components: A runtime(More)
The pathogenesis of fat embolism has been subject to considerable debate ever since it was first described by Zenker in 1864. The clinical course, management and pathophysiology of a typical case are described. As no single causative factor has been implied in the development of fat embolism, its therapy and prevention primarily involves the adequate(More)
The realization that many intensive care patients develop psychoreactive problems ranging from confusion to depression to frank mutism led us to include Dehydrobenzperidol (DHB) in our analgesia and sedation scheme. The early prophylactic administration of this drug was found to be particularly effective in the prevention of delirium following an alcohol(More)
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