Steinar Birgisson

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In situ measurements of the hydrothermal formation of LiMn2O4 (LMO) nanocrystallites reveal that the reaction progresses in steps, each creating a different crystalline phase. The reaction route is summarized as KMnO4→disordered δ-MnO2→(ordered δ-MnO2)→LiMn2O4→(γ-Mn2O3)→Mn3O4. The phase purity of LMO can be controlled by reaction time and temperature where(More)
In operando powder X-ray diffraction data reveals an unexpected structural evolution in a layered P2 type NaxCo0.7Mn0.3O2 material during cycling. The population of single crystallographic sites sometimes increases even though sodium ions are being extracted from the structure, implying a highly cooperative diffusion mechanism. The structural evolution is(More)
Varying atomic short-range order is correlated with the ratio of the monoclinic (m) to tetragonal (t) phase in ZrO2 nanoparticle formation by solvothermal methods. Reactions from Zr oxynitrate in supercritical methanol and Zr acetate in water (hydrothermal route) were studied in situ by X-ray total scattering. Irrespective of the Zr source and solvent, the(More)
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