Stein Peeters

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In this paper we describe a novel fully self-aligned HBT architecture, which enables a maximum reduction of device parasitics. TCAD simulations show that this architecture is capable of achieving f<sub>T</sub>/f<sub>max</sub> values of 295/425 GHz for an effective emitter area of 0.13times5 mum<sup>2</sup>. In this new process approach, which is fully CMOS(More)
We propose a new algorithm for Turbo code interleaver design, which is based on the conventional s–random approach and whose complexity grows only linearly with the interleaver length. Designing the interleaver π = (π1; ..; πK) of length K of a Turbo code serves to increase the code’s minimum distance δmin and hence to lower the error floor of the Word and(More)
The class of interleavers is identiied, which possesses the following property: both Turbo Code component scramblers are terminated in the same state, independent of the encoder information word. It is proven that the presented class contains all interleavers with the above property.
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