Stein Hauge

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Excessive fluoride (F) in drinking water should be removed, but simple, inexpensive methods of fluoride removal are not readily available. This study examines the F(-)-binding capacity of clay and clayware, especially the effect of the firing temperature on the F(-)-binding process. A series of pots were made from ordinary potter's clay and fired at(More)
This paper presents a methodology for quantitative risk analysis on oil and gas production platforms that incorporates both technical and operational conditions. The basic building blocks of the methodology are barrier block diagrams, event trees, fault trees, and influence diagrams. Barrier block diagrams are used to illustrate the event scenarios and the(More)
The Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico, leading to the largest oil spill in the US history and the death of 11 men, has been thoroughly investigated to avoid a similar catastrophe in the future. In this paper we make a review of the accident including a brief overview of the causes, discuss the relevance of the accident for the Norwegian(More)
Remote operations are increasingly employed in oil and gas installations in the North Sea and elsewhere. The use of information and communications technologies has resulted in process control systems being connected to corporate networks as well as the Internet. In addition, multiple companies, functioning as a virtual organization, are involved in(More)
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