Stein-Erik Lauritzen

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A number of reconstructions of millennial-scale climate variability have been carried out in order to understand patterns of natural climate variability, on decade to century timescales, and the role of anthropogenic forcing. These reconstructions have mainly used tree-ring data and other data sets of annual to decadal resolution. Lake and ocean sediments(More)
The conceptual ability to source, combine, and store substances that enhance technology or social practices represents a benchmark in the evolution of complex human cognition. Excavations in 2008 at Blombos Cave, South Africa, revealed a processing workshop where a liquefied ochre-rich mixture was produced and stored in two Haliotis midae (abalone) shells(More)
SUMMARY The area of Huse in Kinsarvik, Norway was defined as a problem area regarding Radon in 1994-96 when several Radon measurements in residences showed very high concentrations (yearly averages of up to 60 000 ~~/rn')(1621 pCiA). However, the concentrations varied much, from almost nothing to more than 100 000 ~ ~ l m ~. Geological investigations(More)
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