Stefon J. R. van Noordt

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Social exclusion is a potent elicitor of distress. Previous studies have shown that medial frontal theta oscillations are modulated by the experience of social exclusion. Using the Cyberball paradigm, we examined event-related dynamics of theta power in the EEG at medial frontal sites while children aged 8-12 years were exposed to conditions of fair play(More)
The human medial frontal cortex and especially the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) have been implicated in several aspects of performance monitoring. We examined event-related EEG during a general process of controlling attention by using a novel paradigm to elicit a medial frontal negativity (MFN) to stimuli that indicate potential changes in future(More)
The oscillatory dynamics of medial frontal EEG theta and posterior alpha are implicated in the modulation of attention and cognitive control. We used a novel saccade cueing paradigm to examine whether theta and alpha are modulated by task difficulty during response preparation. After isolating and functionally classifying medial frontal and posterior alpha(More)
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